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Tracie Washington-Scott

The Atmosphere Changer

Musician. Saxophonist. Minister. Composer


Tracie Washington - Scott. The Atmosphere Charger is a musician, saxophonist, and composer who loves the sound of the saxophone.

After years of training and experience she has turned to playing the saxophone and performing live to satisfy her love and thirst for the soothing sound.

Her skills allow her to provide a variety of musical genre, alternating mostly jazz and gospel pieces in order to bring calm and peace to any atmosphere automatically becoming The Atmosphere Changer.


With numerous of performance in all type of context (solo, group, etc.) and venues (church, festivals, private celebrations) her experience and wide repertoire allow her to adapt perfectly to any situation.



Tracie has released several different albums that are available for download on Apple Music, Spotify, Youtube, and other platforms. She also enjoys going live on social media to provide soothing and relaxation to all her peers.

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